“Interfaith dialogue leads us to peaceful coexistence”, German philosopher
Publish Date: 6/27/2018 Code: 65053

“Interfaith dialogue leads us to peaceful coexistence”, German philosopher

As religious disagreements have turned into pretext for many clashes in the present era, Iranian study center has held international conference on interfaith dialogues hailing that as an achievement to bring peaceful coexistence and solidarity.

Hans Christian Gunther, prominent German philosopher attending the interfaith dialogue in Tehran related on principle of dialogue, possibilities for interfaith dialogue, human defects and dialogue between atheists and believers, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

 He referred to necessity of dialogue between different countries and cultures and also between believers and non-believers, religious and secular states.

 “Religious beliefs are innate in people” said the German university professor and added,” Interfaith dialogues happen when religions feel the necessity of that and people think that their minds have taken a special color.”

 He demanded a focus on monotheist religions naming Islam and Christianity and Judaism and said,” I think a believer of such religions feels more of nature’s incapability and religion will turn into an effort to compensate for this shortcoming.”

 Hans Christian Gunther rejected dialogue with prejudiced minds saying,” If we are in pursuit of a society with peaceful coexistence, our interfaith dialogues should include several atheists.”

 According to the German thinker both believers and non-believers should understand God as more of an enquiry rather than an answer. Suffering is the key proof for our defect and it is amid this suffering that we ask on reasons.

 “We have experienced God as an enquiry because all people feel the presence of God, a fact which unites all in regards to God Almighty” he stressed.

 Hans Christian Gunther is professor for Classics in the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität-Freiburg. He is editor of several book series and member of advisory boards of several learned journals. He is member of the 'Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Philosophie' (GIP), the 'Hans-Pfitzner-Gesellschaft' and Vice-President of the 'International Association for Comparative Studies of China and the West' (IACSCW). Beside Classics (mainly Augustan Poetry, Greek Tragedy and Philosophy) he is interested in Intercultural Philosophy (Dialogue of Religions), Ethics and Political Philosophy. He is also author of numerous translations from various languages.

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