Did Muhammad's uncle Abu-Talib accept Islam?

Abu-Talib (c. 539 – c. 619) was the leader of the Banu Hashim, a clan of the Quraysh tribe of Mecca in Arabia. After the death of Abdul-Muttalib he inherited this position. He was a brother of Muhammad's father, Abdullāh ibn-Abdul-Muttalib, who had died before Muhammad's birth. There is a great debate among Muslim scholars on whether he died a Muslim or a non-Muslim. According to Shia Islam he died as a Muslim. He was indeed Muslim, but he just kept his faith a secret so that he could better protect Muhammad.

Muhammad loved his uncle very much and Abu-Talib loved Muhammad in return. Abu-Talib is remembered as a gifted poet, and many poetic verses in support of Muhammad are attributed to him. Once, as Abu-Talib was about to leave for a trading expedition, Muhammad wept and could not bear to be separated from him. To this Abu-Talib responded, “By Allah I will take him with me, and we shall never part from each other.”