Battle of Badr - 2
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Battle of Badr - 2

After the individual duels, a pitched battle started.

After these individual duels, a pitched battle started.

Both forces fought courageously but the Muslims were animated by holy zeal.

In the thick of the battle, the Prophet was watching the progress of the battle intensely; he prayed to God, earnestly beseeching Him.

The Muslims got the upper hand. The Meccan pagans suffered a miserable defeat. They were driven back, leaving seventy dead, including a number of their notable chiefs and the bravest of their men. The Muslim force had lost only fourteen men, six from the Muhajirun and eight from the Ansar.

The prisoners were treated with exceptional kindness with the exception of a couple who were most notorious. The more affluent prisoners paid ransom and were set free. The others were asked to teach ten persons each to read and write and this teaching was to count as their ransom.

The battle of Badr had far-reaching consequences. Till then, the Muslims were a harassed band avoiding any major conflict. This victory gave them confidence in their physical power. They could now meet force with force. They were soon recognized as a power to be reckoned with and smaller tribes were cautioned against joining forces against them. This victory dealt a severe blow to the prestige of Quraish. A number of their chiefs had been killed and, consequently, Abu Sufyan became their chief.

The ignominy of the defeat made the Meccans more bitter and furious and the cry of “Revenge’ was on their lips.

These verses of the Qur'an provide an authentic contemporary record of the events of Badr:
[8: 5-8], [8:11], [8: 9-10], [4:13], [8:70]


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