Battle of Badr - 1
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Battle of Badr - 1

It was the first battle between the pagans and the Muslims

The 2nd Hijri year.
Quraish begun preparations to attack Medina. The Meccans were so eager to battle Muhammad and his followers, so a well-equipped army of one thousand Meccans marched towards Medina. They reached at the stream of Badr (80 miles from Medina) and camped there.

When the Prophet heard the news, He decided to to defend themselves and march out boldly against the well-armed and well-equipped Quraishite army coming from Mecca.  He assured muslims of victory.

With an ill-equipped body of three hundred and thirteen persons, having among them only two horses and seventy camels, the Prophet proceeded to Badr.

It was the first battle between the pagan Quraishites and the Muslims.

 The Meccan army was in control of the stream of Badr, and the ground of their campsite was of firm clay. Contrarily, the Muslims were far from the stream and thus experienced difficulty in finding water.

The forces met on Friday, the 17th of the month of Ramadan, 2 A.H. (624 A.D.). According to the customs of the Arabs, three Quraishite warriors challenged their opponents to individual duels. They enjoyed a great deal of influence in their tribe.  Ali and ‘Obaydah, both cosuins of the Prophet, as well as Hamzah, his uncle, all Hashemites, responded to the challenge, and the fight between these six men broke out.
These three succeeded in the end in overpowering their Quraishite opponents.

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