Manners of Social Interaction

Manners of Social Interaction

The blessed Prophet was cheerful and bright in public

The blessed Prophet was cheerful and bright in public but had a contemplative expression when he was in private. He never stared at anyone's face and used to look down more often than he raised his head. He was careful to greet everyone first, even the children. He often used to sit on his knees and would not stretch his legs in the presence of others.

Whenever he entered a gathering, he used to sit in the nearest empty spot and never allowed anyone to stand up for him or make room for him. While being addressed, he did not interrupt the speaker and treated his associate in such a manner that the associate would go away thinking himself to be the dearest person to the Messenger of God. He did not speak unnecessarily. He spoke slowly and clearly and never used bad language.

He was a perfect model of modesty and decency. He never got annoyed at anyone's behavior but on occasion, annoyance might appear on his face. He never used to complain. He frequently visited the sick and participated in funeral processions. He did not allow anyone to speak against anyone else except when pleading for justice.

In one incident, a group of Jews came to the Prophet and said, al-soam-u- Alaykum‌ (death be upon you), whereupon the Prophet replied, Wa alaikum (and be upon you)‌. A'isha understood their meaning and cursed them but the Prophet told her, A'isha, do not do that, for God does not like the use of harsh words‌.


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