Working as a shepherd

Working as a shepherd

Being a shepherd, therefore, was not a shameful profession

Once, while he was living under the care of Halimah, Muhammad asked her, "Where do my brothers go?" Halimah replied that the other men were taking their sheep to the pasture. The Prophet then said, "I will be with them from today onwards".

At the age of seven, he was seen carrying clay in the folds of his long shirt to help people in building houses. He was not seen spending a single day in idleness throughout his life. When praying, he always said: "O God, I take refuge in you from idleness, laziness, and abjectness". He encouraged Muslims to work and said: "Worship consists of seventy parts, the best of which is to earn a livelihood through lawful means. The supplication of one who sits at home and who asks God for provision without working is not answered. "

And: "If any of you carries a pack of firewood on his shoulder, it will be better than to ask someone else who may give it or may not."

Perhaps, it was because of this very interest in work and also because he did not like to live among the family of Abu Talib without taking any responsibility and contributing to their means of livelihood, that he started shepherding the sheep of Abu Talib.

Furthermore, from his early childhood, the Prophet liked open spaces and vast deserts, and the idea of solitude had been gaining strength in his mind. It was as if he had been inspired to move away from the confines and hustle and bustle of the city so that he could reflect on the world of creation insightfully and consider its parts precisely.

The power of thought spreads and flourishes well in open spaces, like light waves that do not encounter any obstacles. On the other hand, looking after simple animals, protecting them from the harm of wild animals and crags and preventing them from fighting with one another was good experience for the Prophet's future mission.

The reason was that he would face ignorant, misguided, and headstrong people and would have to save them from the dangerous situations that they were caught in. Before him, Moses and David had been shepherds for periods of time as well. Being a shepherd, therefore, was not a shameful profession.


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